April 2019

I am so proud of Budget 2019. At its core, the budget is about investing in previously neglected public services, strengthening the middle-class, and building a strong and sustainable economy. Our government is committed to supporting affordability for those who were ignored for far too long. Budget 2019 aims at strengthening pay-cheques, job growth, and livability for families in communities throughout British Columbia.

I’m pleased the measures of our government are positively benefiting Victoria-Swan Lake constituents. In our constituency, over 60% rent and we are finally seeing the rental vacancy rate increase, rents capped and more supports to help seniors and people with disabilities. Higher vacancy rates mean more options for renters. Budget 2019 increases investments to build more homes as part of our target of 114,000 new units of affordable housing over 10 years. Budget 2019 also introduces a province-wide homelessness action plan to get people safely off the streets and prevent those at risk of homelessness from becoming so.

Our government is putting money back in people’s pockets by completely eliminating the regressive Medical Services Plan (MSP) tax by January 2020. We are also introducing a new child opportunity benefit fund. This fund will put money back into the pockets of families. I know that my constituents have struggled with housing affordability, struggled to pay bills, to put food on the table, and struggled to pay for their kid’s sports or dance programs. All these costs are a part of family life and I am so pleased that we have taken this initiative to make sure parents and children are better supported.

Looking back at the progress of the government in just eighteen months has been remarkable. Budget 2018 was credited by many economists for maintaining and expanding the economy’s growth. With Budget 2019, our government’s continued investments in infrastructure and job creation will build colleges, schools, hospitals and transportation projects that will create 80,000 jobs over the next three years.

There is so much being done through Budget 2019 and I am so proud of the positive effects of our government on our community of Victoria-Swan Lake.

I’d like to thank all the community who share their thoughts, ideas and concerns and help inform our government’s priorities. Please feel free to contact my community office to make your voice heard. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.