Christy Clark doesn’t care about making life affordable for British Columbians

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VICTORIA – In Premier Christy Clark’s newest campaign ad, modeled after Stephen Harper’s campaign ads, she hypocritically claims that her priority is to “keep taxes down so people have more money in their pockets.”

But the only people she cares about are the wealthiest two per cent of British Columbians, who got a billion-dollar-tax break.

Every other hard-working British Columbian has been walloped time and time again with Christy Clark’s hikes to hidden taxes, fares and fees.

In fact, virtually every tax or fee Christy Clark has control over has gone up. Here are just a few:

MSP – Since Christy Clark became premier, MSP premiums have gone up every single year, costing the average family $348 more.

Hydro – Despite telling voters ahead of the election that hydro rates wouldn’t necessarily go up, as soon as the election was over the Clark government announced a massive 28-per-cent hike, which will make customers pay $477 more on their bill. The Clark government’s mismanagement of B.C. Hydro has also led to a spike in debt at the Crown corporation, meaning they will be forced to raise hydro rates even more.

Tuition – Students have found their tuition rates double under the B.C. Liberal government, and despite a two-per-cent cap on rates, the Clark government was directing universities to institute new mandatory fees on students as a way to get around it.

ICBC – Basic rates have gone up 30 per cent since Clark became premier, or about $180 more per year for the average customer. The Clark government recently announced that another ICBC rate hike is looming, but won’t come clean on the amount ratepayers are facing.

Ferries – Under the B.C. Liberal government, ferry fares have increased at four times the rate of inflation – by 80 per cent on major routes and by 100 per cent on minor routes. It’s no wonder we’ve seen countless reports of a drop in ridership, as coastal residents and businesses can’t afford to travel on our marine highways.

B.C. Parks – The B.C. Liberals increased camping fees in parks in 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2015 and 2016. Since 2001, camping fees have doubled in some cases.

Quote: “Premier Clark doesn’t care about affordability for B.C. families. She has raised every hidden tax and fee she can, and for months refused to act on a housing and rental market that skyrocketed beyond virtually every hard-working family’s budget,” said New Democrat leader John Horgan. “The only people she looks out for are her donors and the wealthiest two per cent who she gave a $1 billion tax break to that they didn’t even ask for.”