Clark government votes ‘NO’ to taking big money out of politics

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VICTORIA— New Democrat Leader John Horgan introduced the Campaign Finance Reform Act today, a bill which would ban corporate and union donations as well as limit the amount of personal donations to a political party. In an immediate vote, Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals voted unanimously ‘no’ on this bill, refusing to debate it and choosing to keep big corporate money in their pockets.

“Other provinces have instituted strict rules on campaign financing, but in B.C. the Christy Clark government is going to extreme lengths to allow the pork barrel to continue,” said Horgan.

Legislation introduced today by Horgan would ban corporate and union donations, taking big money out of politics.

“While New Democrats are working for regular British Columbians, Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals are working for large corporate donations. If you look at the numbers, the BCNDP raises 82 per cent of their money from individuals, whereas the B.C. Liberals rely on corporations for 60 per cent of their money. Clearly the New Democrats work for British Columbians, but it makes you wonder who the Clark government is really working for.

“It’s past time that we took action to restore faith in our political system, and to ensure that British Columbians are at the heart of that political system. This bill takes the essential first steps.”