Criminal breach of trust charges show that Christy Clark’s priority is Christy Clark, not B.C. families

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VICTORIA— Criminal breach of trust charges laid against a top Christy Clark operative show that Premier Christy Clark and her staff have spent the past three years covering their tracks on the so-called Quick Wins Scandal, says New Democrat leader John Horgan.

“The criminal breach of trust charges show that it takes a police investigation to learn the truth about what Christy Clark’s people will do to win and hold power,” said Horgan.

“Since she became the premier of this province, Christy Clark’s top priority has been Christy Clark. While people across this province have been struggling to afford a place to live, while schools across this province face closure, while seniors and kids in government care are being ignored by this government, Premier Christy Clark and her staff have been devoting their time and energy to figuring out how to keep her out of trouble.”

A Special Prosecutor laid a criminal charge of breach of trust against one of Premier Clark’s top advisors, Brian Bonney, for actions he allegedly took to promote and protect this premier’s political career.

“For years we’ve seen senior people in the B.C. Liberal government lying, deleting evidence and covering their tracks for the boss, Christy Clark. But their attempts to hide the truth and win at any cost are backfiring with both the police and the public,” said Horgan.

“This is a premier who promises to put families first, but puts herself and her political future first every time. B.C. New Democrats are going to keep asking hard questions about this scandal, because we know that the people of B.C. deserve much better than this government.”