February 2018 Update

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Dear Friends,
As the second legislative session of our government gets underway, I am proud of the first steps we have taken to address the affordability crisis in the
Capital Regional District and across the province. Our first full budget marks a new direction, with the priorities that I have heard from neighbours, community leaders and business owners as a guide. With an historic $1 billion investment in child care over the next 3 years, we are forging a path to create a robust, universal, child care program. One that is safe, affordable and accessible for all. This first budget also features an historic investment in housing, with new, affordable units slated to be built right here in Victoria-Swan Lake. With the priorities of working families at the heart of decision making, our government is committed to making this budget work for you.
I am very pleased by the work my cabinet colleagues have done to eliminate the unfair Medical Service Premium. Not only was removing this regressive tax a key campaign commitment, it is a huge step in providing financial relief to struggling families and the hardworking middle class. With the 50% reduction introduced at the beginning of this year, families and individuals are already feeling relief as move forward with full elimination, scheduled for January 2020.
As Minister of Education, I am extremely proud to see a budget that invests in our school system, including the largest investment in school capital in generations. Every day I am working to make school environments safe and inclusive, so students, teachers, staff and parents can focus on the invaluable work of creating lifelong learners and the next generation of innovators in this province. It was an honour to host Pink Shirt Day 2018 and I’d like to thank all those who participated and helped to amplify a message of kindness and inclusivity.
If you have any thoughts on the budget or would like to connect about a community issue, please don’t hesitate to call, email or drop by my community office. I always look forward to hearing from you.

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